Anh H. Nguyen

Photo by Linh Le.


Hoang Anh Nguyen, an emerging self-taught photographer, who has a flair for capturing the aesthetic and essence of food, people, life and landscape. Though the lens of Hoang Anh, people see a kaleidoscope of colours, uniqueness and illuminating stories of sometimes over-looked objects, architecture and people.

In 2015, Hoang Anh started to work at Mott Visuals as a producer & photographer, where she was exposed to professional photography and worked side by side with renowned seniors in the field. She participated in several projects with Mott Visuals' high-profile clients.

In 2016, one of her pictures, which she took with her phone entered Apple Inc.’s “Shot on Iphone 6s campaign”. Her billboard with vivid orange background can be seen in countries from Asia to Europe and the States. When she is off from work, Hoang Anh works as a freelance photographer.