Hoang-Anh Nguyen

Photo by Linh Le.


Hoang-Anh Nguyen, an emerging self-taught photographer, who has a flair for capturing the aesthetics and essence of her surroundings. Though the lens of Anh, people see a kaleidoscope of colours, uniqueness and illuminating stories of sometimes overlooked objects, architecture, and people.

In 2015, Hoang-Anh joined Mott Visuals as its Photographer & Producer, where she receives mentorship from Justin Mott, one of the most celebrated photographers in Asia. Anh has worked with high-profile clients providing diverse services such as Viet Rose Intl (F&B); Fred Perry (Global campaign); Rice Creative (Campaign, Editorial); Nike (Internal Archive); L Concepts (F&B, Lifestyle); Starbucks Vietnam (F&B, Lifestyle) and VSCO (Global Campaign).

In 2016, one of Hoang-Anh's photos was featured in Apple Inc.’s “Shot on iPhone 6s campaign” that appeared on billboards across Asia, Europe, and the States.